Warm Welcome by QMTS….

Qmts cordially welcomes you to its business family. We would like to wish you a successful and joyous life ahead. To start a successful life, we have devised a fascinating business plan for you where you can gradually improve the quality of your life. Our team members understand the business concept and scenario very well and therefore, they have developed a unique plan that suits you and helps you to achieve a grand success in your life. You can successfully execute our business plan at any time at your convenience from your home or any other place. It will bring maximum profits to you for your efforts and dedication.

Few Lines about QMTS….

Qmts (Quad Money Tunnel Service) is a leading Digital Money Tunnel launched by Akhaat Enterprises, LLP based in New Delhi, India. It provides various online facilities like Mobile Recharge, DTH Recharge, Utility bills payment for numerous service providers, digital cards and travel & hotel booking. It also facilitates online shopping at Amazon & Flip-Kart. It also provides a platform to our members to merchandise their products/services online at its tunnel. Qmts shares a unique and exciting plan to earn extra income.


We aspire to be the global money terminal benchmark for Value Creation. Our Focus is to win customers for life by offering an exceptional experience.


“Serve our customers by providing online platform and making them earn through their expenses. “


Qmts is a path breaking concept which paves way for your financial freedom. We aim to enable people all across India to become successful entrepreneurs and earn a decent living. Our aim is to keep providing latest and innovate business models for our members regularly


QMTS’s Core Values are aimed at developing a customer-focused, high-performance organisation which creates value for all its stakeholders:

  • 1. Integrity
  • 2. Excellence
  • 3. Unity
  • 4. Responsibility
  • 5. Pioneering

To become successful all you need to do is:

  • 1. Join Qmts
  • 2. Start using services of QMTS tunnel
  • 3. Recommend others and make them join us too